It’s Accurate


We guarantee that if you provide us with accurate information, you will never incur an IRS penalty, and if you do, we’ll pay the penalty. We also guarantee complete satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied with any aspect of EZ PayChek’s tax preparation, you can cancel your service any time. You are not locked into a long-term contract.

Payroll Tax Preparation and Filing

Determining the correct tax deductions and withholding is a highly detailed and time-consuming job. If you make just one mistake, you can be faced with costly IRS penalties. Research indicates that 4 of 10 businesses will incur a penalty which can be as high as $900.  But if the information you provide to us is accurate and your data entry is too, we guarantee this won’t happen. At EZ PayChek, our tax preparation services are 100% accurate as well as a fast and efficient alternative to self-filing. We are experts in tax law and we keep abreast of changes that impact your business.


Taxes Filed and Paid

You don’t have to worry about calculating regular deposits or filing your 940 and 941s ― we take care of all aspects of your tax responsibilities. EZ PayChek calculates, deducts, deposits and files your taxes for you. You simply approve and submit them. We even work with the tax authorities (IRS, state and local) on your behalf if any issues arise.

Online W-2s Prepared and Filed by EZ PayChek

At year’s end, we post your W-2s online. You have the chance to review and approve them before they are final. If an employee loses their W-2 or needs an additional copy, simply go online to print out another.

Increase Cash Flow

While other online tax preparation services automatically deduct your payroll taxes a few weeks in advance, with EZ PayChek you don’t pay until you approve the payroll and click submit. With EZ PayChek your taxes are withdrawn only two business days before they are due and paid directly to the IRS. EZ PayChek does NOT hold any of your money. This enables you to keep more of your own money and maintain a steady cash flow. For more information about cash flow, click here.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.