It’s Secure

World Class Security

When you use EZ PayChek, you get the same security that most national banks use to protect their customers’ online banking information. We have a security staff that continually implements new technologies that allow us to keep your payroll data safe.

Payroll Preparation

Simply enter your employee hours and your payroll is automatically done for you. Once your payroll data is entered, it will be stored. After that, all you’ll need to do is a quick review to confirm the information or make updates. It’s that easy.

EZ PayChek Payroll Preparation Services

If you are currently doing your own payroll, you will find that the time saved by using our automated system will give you greater freedom to focus on the success of your business.


Anytime, Anywhere Payroll Processing

Online access means you can process payroll round-the-clock from anywhere you choose, any time you want ― from home, the office or even while you’re on vacation. With our service, you are always in control — no more wasting time waiting for the checks to arrive.

Email Reminder Tells You When It’s Time for Payroll

We send you an email reminder letting you know when it’s time to run payroll, based on the schedule you set up during enrollment. You then go to our website, log into your secure online account, and complete the simple steps. It only takes minutes. What you receive is a complete payroll solution!

Direct Deposit or Paper Check Payment Options

You and your employees can choose whether their pay will be by direct deposit or self-printed checks from your office. You have the ability to use one or a combination of payment options, depending on employee needs or your need for spur-of-the-moment employee payments.

Email Notification To Your Employees

You don’t have to manually distribute payroll information. We send your employees an email letting them know they’ve been paid. They receive an online secure payroll account with access to their pay history. They can also view and print their pay stubs online at our highly secured and password-protected web site.

Your Taxes Electronically Filed and Paid

You don’t have to worry about regular tax deposits or filing your forms like 940 and 941s. EZ PayChek takes care of all payroll responsibilities. We calculate your employees’ gross pay, deductions, your required tax deposits and we electronically file your tax deposits and required reports.

Total Control of Payroll Information

You don’t have to call a payroll representative to make simple updates to company and employee information — the control is in your hands. You can go online and make changes when you wish.

Flexible Online Reports

We have a comprehensive menu of report options. In addition all your reports can be exported in MS Excel Adobe(R) Acrobat(R) and various other formats. With online access to your reports, you never have to wait for paper reports in the mail. You can view reports when you want. Our free access service enables you to let your accountant view your reports online through their own portal so you won’t have to print reports and fax or mail them. To read more about Flexible Online Reports, click here.

Online W-2s/1099s Prepared Electronically Filed

At year’s end, we post your W-2s/1099s online. You review and approve them before they are electronically filed. If an employee loses their W-2 or needs an additional copy, you simply go online and print another one. To read more about our Tax Preparation services, click here.

No hardware or software to buy or maintain.

No signatures required (If you don’t print paychecks.)

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.