It’s Easy

EZ PayChek’s online payroll system is built for small business.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, payroll is processed in minutes!

Our systems are designed to take the hassles out of small business payroll processing. Imagine, with just a few clicks of your mouse, your payroll will be complete without complicated calculations and without the threat of IRS notices being sent in the mail.  You just follow these easy steps:

Step 1. All you need is an internet connection to log on to our secure website.

Step 2. Simply enter the hours worked.

Step 3. Review and approve.

That’s it!  EZ PayChek will take care of everything else:

  • Calculate wages and deductions
  • Deduct, deposit and file all federal, state and local taxes
  • Keep track of accrual benefits, overtime and bonus pay
  • Pay your employees through direct deposit and notify them via email (check printing is also available)
  • Keep a record of all payroll and tax information
  • Provide access to W-2s and end-of-year reporting information
  • Keep abreast of tax law changes that could affect your business
  • Protect you from IRS penalties.

To view a brief video demonstration of how to use our payroll software, click here.

Click here to enroll today. You will save time, money and be free from the burden of payroll preparation with our fully guaranteed service. We look forward to helping you.