Increase Cash Flow

Increase Cash Flow With EZ PayChek

If you never thought a payroll service could add cash to your operations, think again. With EZ PayChek, you can increase cash flow for up to 40 days. Still don’t believe us? Let us show you how.

Each time a traditional service processes your payroll, the following deductions are made:

  • The net amount of your employee’s paycheck
  • Federal, state and possibly local income tax withholding for each employee
  • Social Security and Medicare taxes for BOTH employee and employer
  • Accrued federal and state unemployment taxes
  • The payroll service’s processing fee.

These deductions are taken from your bank account on the date your payroll is run  ― well in advance of when the amounts are legally due. So the payroll service gets the use of your money for that period of time.

What does EZ PayChek do differently?

With our online payroll system, these amounts are not paid until just two days prior to their due dates. This practice lets you increase cash flow for up to 40 days or more, and the amounts can be considerable. More importantly, our payroll service does not touch your money. With our service, you are the only person who has access and maintains control.

If you are currently using another payroll service, it’s time to consider a change. Click here to sign up for a free quote.