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The following reports are provided to help you understand how outsourced payroll works and what to look for in features and benefits, as well as, giving you an understanding of all the traps that are part of payroll.

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Buyer’s Guide to Payroll

Payroll processing can be time consuming and a complicated task. But there are solutions to make it less of a chore. This guide answers the following questions when considering outsourcing payroll:

  • How does payroll outsourcing work?
  • What are the features of outsourcing payroll?
  • What benefits does outsourcing payroll provide?


Critical Questions to Ask Yourself before Outsourcing Payroll


The payroll function of many businesses lends itself to automation. It’s one of the most frequently outsourced functions in American business. This report gives you some insight as to why this outsourcing works so well.



The 15 Biggest Mistakes in Payroll

This report is a must read whether you process payroll in-house or with a service bureau. Don’t make the mistake and assume that …None of this applies to me. It’s the most dangerous mistake of all!

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