Company History

Several years ago, I found myself out of a job with two young boys to raise and a very concerned wife. It didn’t take too long, however, before I started my own CPA practice with my wife’s unwavering support. The dining room table became my desk until I moved my work into one of the spare bedrooms which turned into my first office. As time went on, and the business slowly grew, my wife eventually found a terrific office space for me as well as my first employee. She was thrilled that I finally had a real company, but I was apprehensive. As they used to say, the “nut” I had to crack was getting bigger, and I was very close to having more month than cash. Somehow, as it often happened, when things got tough I got a little lucky.

One of those strokes of luck was a client by the name of Bob who was referred to me by an attorney friend. He owned and managed a custom tool and die shop and was very successful. He became my largest paying client.

Bob and my small staff (one employee plus me) got along fine. But one evening he came to my office visibly upset. I tried to think of what we could have possibly done to cause this, but my mind kept focusing on the fact that I was going to lose him as a client. I wondered if it had something to do with his payroll and remembered what a mentor had advised me years before, “Don’t get involved with payroll. It’s tedious, and a simple mistake can take a lot of time to fix. What’s worse is that you can’t bill enough for the time you spend and the aggravation you get in return.”

Sure enough, I wasn’t the only one in the room thinking about payroll — it was on Bob’s mind too. He told me how payroll had been a thorn in his side for a long time. He brought up the fact that the two payroll services I had assisted him in hiring never panned out. To make matters worse, the employee we found to do his payroll quit the job not long after he was hired — and on a payday! Bob informed me that if I wouldn’t do his payroll he’d have to find another CPA firm that would.

I didn’t want my best client leaving the company, so even though I had no desire to take on the task of payroll myself, I told him we’d start the next day. That was in 1995, and we have done Bob’s payroll and many others ever since. Many things have changed with our processes, and we have moved from one payroll platform to another, but our current system is clearly one of the best. My mentor from years back would be amazed with the EZ PayChek system and the fact that it is no longer a thankless job. It’s one of the most secure, economical, and reliable services offered in today’s expanding payroll industry, and we are proud to offer it to new and old clients alike.

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