Benefits for Employers

EZ PayChek :: Benefits For Small Business Owners & EmployersBenefits:

Save time and money versus traditional payroll

Our online payroll service leverages the speed, flexibility and convenience of the internet. It no longer takes hours to process payroll; it can be done in minutes. Our service saves you money — from 30%-50% or more on payroll processing, and we help you eliminate the risk of incurring costly IRS penalties.

Meet the needs of your employees

Our system provides multiple payment options. Whether it’s direct deposit or printed pay stubs, it’s your choice. Both options are easily accommodated.

Maintain control

You decide when and where you want to process payroll and  review wages prior to deposits. You will also be able to correct mistakes early and you won’t have to depend on courier services or third party deliveries of checks and pay stubs to your office.

Eliminate tax calculations and payment hassles — keep a steady cash flow

We automatically calculate, deduct, pay and file all taxes — federal, state and local — and deposit them for you.  But rather than take deductions from your account well in advance of when they are due, as most traditional payroll services will, you keep your money until two days prior to the due date. This can result in an increase in your cash flow for up to 40 days or more, and the amounts can be considerable.

Gain peace of mind with world-class security and guaranteed satisfaction

We have built our website like a bank. Our web servers are housed in a building with Kevlar-lined walls, bulletproof glass and 24-hour armed guards. All data transactions are authenticated by VeriSign, the leader in e-commerce security.  We guarantee your overall satisfaction, and if for any reason our service fails to meet your expectations, you may cancel your service at any time. We’re so confident you’ll benefit from our reliable and accurate online payroll service we’re inviting you to try us at no risk for three months. If you’re not completely satisfied during this time, simply cancel. You’ll receive a full refund. No questions asked.